NEXT MEETING: December 9 - Opening Meeting, Noel Pearson Memorial, Wingless Sprints 50 lapper, all divisions,
Small Car Demo

Nominations open for massive season opener at Attwell Park!!

Nominations are starting to build for the blockbuster season opener at Attwell Park Speedway, featuring both the Noel Pearson Memorial and Round 1 of the popular Formula 500 West Coast Series.


The 2015-16 Albany Speedway Club season will kick off on Saturday, October 31 with the prestigious Noel Pearson Memorial and West Coast Series headlining a massive program.


The highly entertaining Small Car Demo Derby and burnouts will also be held at the meeting.


Nominations are open for all divisions to enter the first meeting of the season, with five cars needed to constitute a field.

Already there is plenty of interest in the big meeting with 10 formula 125s having already entered along with drivers in street stocks, modified sedans and junior sedans.


The Noel Pearson Memorial will be awarded to the highest scoring ASC member from any division racing on the night.


To nominate drivers must click on the online form that can be found on our website or on this link below


Street Stocks - 4

W10 Tracey Saunders

W57 Jamie Keys

W92 Shane Devonshire

W318 Freddy Kinsella


Formula 125s - 16

W1 Braiden Jewell

W7 Darren Cartwright

W9 Karen Tester

W18 Ira Fehlberg

W22 Brenton Cockayne

W27 Chris Pittaway

W29 Brandon Tester

W37 Sam Jewell

W38 Bill Beeck

W55 Sam Haythornthwaite

W63 Ron Pittaway

W66 Michael Deworboies

W67 Graeme Pollett

W69 Murray Pollett

W82 Craig Tester

W83 Jacinta Tester


Modified Sedans - 3

W4 Miranda Ball

W75 Blake Watson

W77 Steve Beres


Junior Sedans - 3

W37 Brooke Watson

W49 Bianca Kennedy

W102 Mitchell Claybrook


Limited Sprintcars - 7

W14 Gary Pow

W33 Grant Chisholm

W53 Shayne Langdon

W68 Jamie Langdon

W74 Paul Belfield

W85 Stephen Vos

W87 Ben Chisholm


Production Sedans - 3

W2 Merv Penn

W27 Mike Kinnear

W69 Robert Wolfenden


Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.