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Blight sets the pace in practice

WA champion Kye Blight needed only two practice session's at Attwell Park Speedway last night to set the quickest time in official practice of the Australian Modified Sedan Title.

Blight, an Albany Speedway Club member, came into this weekend's event with some engine issues but they were clearly sorted when he set a sizzling 17.775 second lap in session 16.

Blight's only other appearance during practice was in session 9 when the youngster recorded a 18.091 which was third in that respective 6-lap session behind Aydan Trewern and Mark Carlin.

WA driver Clint Noakes set the second quickest time of the afternoon, with his 17.863 second lap in session 8 while fellow Albany driver Trewern was also on the pace with a 17.929 second lap in practice session 5.

The only other driver to break into the 17 second bracket was Queenslander Ross Bullimore who recorded a 17.932 second lap in session 10.

Others to impress during practice which lasted 22 sessions were Carlin, who won the last modified sedan national title held here in Albany, Greg Worling, Neville Bylund, Laurie Dowsett, Christopher Hayden and David Smith.

There was plenty of drama however with young WA competitor Jake Blight crashing into the turn 4 fence, veteran John Purser losing a wheel, Shane Macdonald and Mick Hamon heading infield with smoke emitting from their cars and Trevor Mills finishing his last two sessions on the infield.

The first 15 qualifying heats will be held tonight along with the opening night of the Bill Gibbings Memorial for Super Sedans.

Gates open at 3pm and racing will kick off at 5.30pm.


W71Kye Blight17.775
2W23Clint Noakes17.863
3W12Aydan Trewern17.929
4Q66Ross Bullimore17.932
5V42Mark Carlin18.041
6N33Greg Worling18.076
7V25Christopher Hayden18.103
8W22Jason Pearce18.113
9W14Laurie Dowsett18.155
10W19Neville Bylund18.17
11V15David Smith18.197
12W29Lindsay McAuley18.216
13A1Aidan Raymont18.221
14Q37Todd Doyle18.249
15W77Steve Beres18.266
16V72Martin Hawson18.272
17W13Barry Hall18.454
18Q44Glenn Pagel18.456
19Q49Brett Barron18.461
20W57Mick Hamon18.466
21N36David Jacobi18.471
22Q78Peter Gray18.474
23W21Matt Noakes18.519
24Q10Gavin Lorensen18.537
25W83Sam McAuley18.557
26V81Rodney Burr18.64
27Q2Allan Nash18.648
28V3David Dolic18.661
29W8Calon Ball18.695
30W74Allan Mortimer18.752
31W18Adam Houston18.798
32N62Trevor Mills18.839
33Q93Jason Beer18.839
34W47Peter Fraser18.85
35Q28Rodney Pammenter18.86
36W91Jeff Steele18.926
37V69Daniel Drewett18.981
38W4Miranda Ball19.021
39Q27Shane Macdonald19.149
40W46Jason Batchelor19.16
41Q32Nathan Macdonald19.293
42W61Jake Blight19.596
43Q6Bradley Stein19.843
44W9John Purser 

WA champion Kye Blight