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Transponder update

Important message for all club members!
For those in the second batch of transponders they will arrive next Tuesday at the latest, I will contact the owners of them when to collect.
Please for those that already have their transponder, remember to charge them, it does take a few days to fully charge. 
Also you do need to activate you subscription by downloading flex manager. If you DO NOT charge and activate your transponder you will not get any lap times therefore no points.
Ordering from the club is now closed. 
If you missed out on buying a transponder you can go to and order the transponder and subscription from the website.
If you don't want to order your own the club have transponder's for hire at a cost of $30 per race meeting. 
When nominating please say if you need to hire a transponder or you have your own.
Arianne Devonshire
Albany Speedway Club Registrar

0458 118 875